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How Does Google REALLY Work? Breaking It Down Into 3 Simple Steps

Your Easy-to-Digest Guide Giving You an Insight Into The World of The Globes’ Most Popular Search Engine

Did you know in 2006, “Google” became a verb in the Oxford Dictionary?

*Cue loud gasp*

Google is SO popular, it’s integral to many (if not all) businesses around the globe.

The world of Google can seem like a mind-boggling place. And yes, I’m not going to lie, it’s a complex process if you really get into the details. 

BUT like anything, it can be broken down into digestible steps. 

And there are three basic ones that make up their process:

  • Crawling
  • Indexing
  • Ranking

So, how does Google work?

In this blog, I’m going to delve into these 3 steps and explain how Google processes your website. How it analyses your content. And how it chooses what to reveal in its search results.

Step 1: Crawling

This is the process of searching for new pages online.

Google is trying to find all the new sites and information available around the world. Bringing it back to its servers (just like a back-of-house filing system).

Its crawlers basically search around the internet.

Looking at web pages and following the links on those pages, just like you would when browsing the web.

Step 2: Indexing

Google’s search index is essentially an inventory of websites that Google draws from to provide search results to users. 

And indexing is the next step, where Google is trying to understand what the page is all about. 

Only indexed sites can appear in search results.

So it’s Google’s job to be constantly scouring through the content of new websites and adding them to the array of options available.

It picks through your website…

  • Analysing content
  • Looking at pictures
  • Searching for files 

Gathering content and information to store in Google’s index.

Step 3: Ranking

Google ranking is its algorithm that measures the relevance, quality, and importance of what’s being revealed to you in your Google search.

It works by using your location, language, device, etc.

For example, if you were to google ‘web developer’, Google would show different results for a person Googling this is Sydney vs somewhere in New York.

Appearing higher in the search result pages for a search query means you’re the most relevant and authoritative result, according to Google.

So, has your question of “how does Google work” been answered yet?

I hope this blog has given you a basic insight into the world of the globes’ most popular search engine. Showing you have your website is processed and served so potential customers can find you. 

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