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Shannon is absolutely fantastic to work with, I seriously can’t recommend her highly enough. She’s efficient, switched on, and proactive in providing assistance and finding solutions. She is an absolute asset to my business and she helps keep me sane!!!

Laura McKnight

Owner of Digital Daydream Media

From the word GO, Shannon has completely blown me away with her skills, expertise, and professionalism. I literally couldn’t have asked for a better team member. Shannon’s enthusiasm is contagious and lifts the morale of everyone she comes into contact with. She is incredibly compassionate and understanding in her technical support role and she always makes sure that the people she’s working with get the outcomes they desire.

While being approachable and kind is one thing, having the skills and technical knowledge is another… And boy, does Shannon know her stuff! You can tell when someone has such a high-level understanding of technical principles, as she is able to explain it in less ‘techie’ terms so that others can understand it. That demonstrates an extremely in-depth understanding of very technical practices.

While no one can truly know everything in the ever-changing world of web development, Shannon has a few skills in particular that I believe will carry her to the ends of the Earth. She can problem solve and troubleshoot with CONFIDENCE! No matter what problem Shannon is faced with, she will tackle it head-on because she knows how to figure things out and that is such a valuable skill for an online service provider to have.

I believe that there is no challenge too big for Shannon as she loves to learn new skills in order to be able to complete a job to the highest standard. She continues to amaze me with every aspect of her work and I would recommend Shannon’s services to anyone who values quality, attention to detail, and impeccable service.

Julia Taylor

CEO & Founder of GeekPack


Shannon is truly a magician! She revamped my website beyond recognition, keeping my style and vision from beginning till the end. She’s detail-oriented, a great implementor, and an amazing professional! If you need someone to transform your website vision into code – Shannon is your go-to person!
I’m beyond grateful I’ve met her and I couldn’t recommend her enough!

Ana Dobrevska

Content Creator and Social Media Manager

Working with Shannon has been an absolute game-changer for me! It has allowed me to really focus on driving my business forward instead of getting bogged down in the back-end and areas of my business that really aren’t my strengths (eg. Web Dev and Tech!).

When I first met Shannon, I expressed to her how important it was to me to have someone I could work with that was great with communication and kept me up to speed on things. Having had some not so great experiences in the past, I was nervous about giving it another shot, but Shannon has proven to be the best investment in my business I have ever made. She is super organised, forward thinking, goes above and beyond, and she will challenge my own thinking too, which I love!

I find Shannon incredibly easy to work with and we also have a few laughs along the way and don’t take ourselves too seriously which also makes for a fun, honest and long term working relationship! Could not recommend this AMAZING woman enough!

Claire Seeber

Professional Coach | Change Driver | People & Culture Consultant | Founder of Eating your Cake too


Shannon Payne was fantastic to work with! I had tried for years to get a website going, with no success. Shannon created a website that was EXACTLY what I needed and envisioned. She was completely detail oriented and thorough in creating a website that I will have the ability to update and expand myself in the future. I can’t thank her enough. She addressed all of my concerns and worked with me creatively on all visual aspects. The final outcome was far better than I ever expected! Thank you so much!

Cassie Abraham


Shannon was simply amazing! I had an idea of what I wanted but realistically, I was so nervous about starting and didnt even know where to begin. After meeting Shannon initially and giving her an idea of what I wanted I knew she was great.
She was fantastic with communication, direct and efficient (things I strive for in my business and work life). She helped me build something I wasn’t even aware I wanted myself. I can’t recommend her enough! She helped me build my Instagram page and my confidence.
She’s professional and caring and kind and efficient all in the one go. A rarity in my own experience!

Sarah Power

Yoga Instructor


I highly recommend working with Shannon. As a travel blogger having a strong Instagram presence is more than necessary yet I didn’t know where to begin to grow my audience authentically to increase click-through rates. Shannon took my strategy planning off my hands and came back in an above timely manner. The strategy was easy to follow and able to start being implemented straight away. Shannon kept me updated during the process and put more care into this than I could have myself. Thank you so much for your help Shannon! It’s greatly appreciated.

Erin Morris

Travel Blogger

Shannon did a wonderful job on our new website! The layout, navigation, and organization make it very easy for our clients to find out what they need to know. The team was very easy to work with, and they made changes according to our feedback. The graphic design of the website is very sleek, and professional. The colors are very nice, and the pictures really help highlight our work. Our agency is very happy with the finished product, and we highly recommend Shanon and her team.

Stasia Milligan

Strong Families