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3 Reasons Why You Need to STOP Using Linktree In Your Instagram Bio

Your Go-To Guide To Help You Effectively Direct Traffic to Your Website With Your Own Custom Linktree Alternative

Picture this… Your favourite Instagram account posts an incredible photo, enticing you to read the caption. 

As you skim through, your eyes flicker over the words…

“Link in bio to find out more!”

If you’re running a business Instagram account, you’ll know that this “link in bio” trick is essential for driving your audience to your site from social media. But imagine a world where you NEVER have to go through third-party apps like Linktree to market your content ever again.

A place where an effective Linktree alternative allows all that traffic to right slap bang into your website, no questions asked!

Increasing your traffic and giving you an extra boost in Google’s search results.

What *Actually* Is Linktree?

Instagram’s link in bio can feel limiting when you want to highlight multiple website pages. So being able to link key destinations and share them via a single URL is groundbreaking for small businesses. 

With Linktree, you’re able to make your Instagram ‘link in bio’ a clickable URL that you can add to your profile section.

Meaning you’re able to direct your followers to your website, product page, content, or some other significant page through the free social media plug-in.

So, What Are The Linktree Alternatives?

Let me share something with you…

Did you know every time someone clicks the link in your bio via Linktree, you miss out on direct traffic to your website? 

That’s why I often ask people, why would you want to pass YOUR traffic to a third-party app and miss out on juicy rewards? Stop rewarding Linktree and start rewarding yourself. You worked hard for your business, and your website deserves the best chance it can get to boost its visibility in Google.

How do you do that?

You create your own custom Instagram Links page!⁣

Why Should You Create Your Custom Instagram ‘Link In Bio’ Page?

1. You Get to Increase Your Website SEO

Search engine optimisation (SEO) helps your website grow, see which content resonates most with your audience, and provides you with vital stats to keep your website on top.

When you use a third-party app like Linktree, it creates a bump in the road. You’re unable to access all the data available because it’s not yours anymore! It belongs to Linktree and the analytical data they share with you is limited. 

It doesn’t tell you:

  1. When a link was clicked on – so you can’t match it with the Instagram post you published.
  2. When a visitor reaches Linktree but drops out – so you don’t know how much traffic you lost via Linktree instead of the actual content.

2. You Eliminate That ‘Extra Step’

Social media is about resonating with your audience and getting you at the forefront of their mind at various stages of their journey.

With one intention in mind…

Get them back to your website so they choose to buy from you.

Linktree adds an extra step in the journey that just doesn’t need to be there. When you create a custom Instagram link page, you’re providing the most direct route possible between possible customer and product. Cutting out the fluff and keeping them on track.

3. You Get to Stay on Brand

The free version of Linktree has very limited branding opportunities and this can be frustrating if you want to keep your page on brand.

When your branding is lost mid-journey, it can cast doubt in the back of your audience’s mind. 

“Why does this look so different from everything else I’ve EVER seen?”

Sure, you can upgrade to a paid plan with Linktree, but why would you when you can build your own for free!

With your own custom Instagram ‘link in bio’ page, that doubt is eliminated. Seamlessly transitioning your audience on your branding journey to build more trust, more loyalty, and more credibility.

So tell me, is this blog inspiring you to create your own custom Instagram links page yet?

If you’ve been thinking about using a Linktree alternative, I hope I’ve opened your eyes to the world of opportunities a custom link page can give you!

And if you ever think, “YES, I want to set up my own custom Instagram links page… But I don’t know how” click HERE and get in touch with me.

I’m always happy to answer any questions about the process and provide advice!

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