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Your WordPress Website Security: The 2 Most Effective Ways To NOT Get Hacked

There’s No ‘Right’ Way To Prevent A WordPress Attack, But There Are Some Steps That Will Make It Much Less Likely

Did you know, according to Manaferra, the number of WordPress websites in 2022 was a staggering 835 million?

That’s insane, right! 

And because of its ever-growing popularity, WordPress has become a prime target for hackers. 

That’s why now it’s more important than EVER to think about your WordPress website security. 

In this blog, I want to share with you the two biggest reasons why WordPress website security gets compromised. And how YOU can put effective measures in place to make sure you’re not in the firing line for a malicious attack.

How And Why Do Hacks Happen?

When you’re a small business, it’s common to think you’re not are at risk of being hacked –

“Why would I get hacked? I’m a small fish in a big sea.”

But for that EXACT same reason, you’re more vulnerable to attackers.

Let’s think about it like this: Your defenses are down. You’re unprepared. And you’re vulnerable to a break-in. If you were a novice cyber hacker, why wouldn’t you attack? It’s almost set up to make the job as easy as possible.

And it’s not just about money either. 

Each hacker has a different motive to hack a website. 

Some are beginners who are learning to exploit less secure sites. Some have malicious intentions like distributing malware or using your site to attack other websites. And others just like to spam the internet for fun!

STORYTIME: The first hacked site I fixed was hacked from enjoyment. I looked up their email and found out there’s such thing as a ‘hackers scoreboard’. For hackers who compete against each other to break records! 🤯

What Are The Most Effective Measures You Can Put in Place?

1. Your Web Hosting 

Web hosting services work by maintaining stable and secure storage spaces where you can ‘host’ your website. 

Your WordPress website security might be more vulnerable if you have a shared hosting plan. 

Shared hosting is where multiple websites are hosted on one server. For example, like putting your jacket in a paid cloakroom.

Hackers can potentially use other sites on the same server to gain access to yours. Just like a person could easily pick up your jacket when ‘looking’ for theirs.

When choosing a hosting provider, make sure to check what security measures they have, how they monitor their server network, and how they respond to any security breaches.

Dedicated hosting is the most secure option but that comes with a hefty price tag. 

And for most sites, that’s not necessary. 

Which leads me to my next point…

2. Making Time For Regular Maintenance 

According to the 2019 Website Threat Research Report, it was reported that 56% of all content management system applications were out of date when a hack happened!

This statement alone shows the importance of updating your website. 

Using an outdated plugin or theme can make your site extremely vulnerable. Because many of these tools are created as open-source software programs, meaning their code is easily accessible and therefore… 

Easily hacked! 

Plugin developers are constantly working on their plugins not only releasing new features but patching potential security breaches to protect your website from being hacked. 

So yes, this is your reminder to always make sure your content management system, plugins, themes, and any scripts you’ve installed are up-to-date. 

How Do I Secure My Website If I’m Not Techy?

So you’re reading this thinking  – 

“Sure, this is all good info. But how do I actually make it happen?”

Then look no further, my friends! If you haven’t got a tech expert you go to already, I encourage you to consider my website maintenance packages

I created them especially to keep your WordPress website security up to date and as reliable as can be. So your websites are MUCH less likely to encounter any of those pesky hackers. 

If you are looking at self-maintenance and hosting, get in touch

I’d be happy to guide you on your way and give you any advice you might need.

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